JASON 无界美食

时令菜餐厅 翻开JASON菜单的第一页就是

“中西结合 南北混合 不分菜系 只为美味”

无界而又融合 不突兀


JASON unbounded food The first page of the JASON menu is to open the food restaurant.

"Chinese and Western combination of North and South mixed without dividing dishes is only delicious"

Unbounded and unobtrusive Pleasantly surprised and delicious

无界 实则是一种态度也是一种体验



Unbounded is an attitude and an experience.

We want to break the rules of life

Connect the seemingly simple beauty of life with the ordinary food

在这一次品牌梳理中 我们提取了“j"做为记忆点 将时令菜以及jason将要推出的事情


用"j+"做为记忆点符号 去传播推广

n this brand, we picked up "J" to do the memory point and what the Jason is going to launch.

Do "+"

Use "j+" as a memory point symbol to spread the promotion

简单的图形能够承载更丰富的图形及变化 我们在设计过程之中将

“j+”极简化 更深化记忆点及识别度

Simple graphics can carry more plentiful graphics and change the way we will be in the design process

"J" very simplified and more deepen memory recognition

在 "J+"单独物料应用中 简单 直接

In the "J" single material application is simple and direct

店内应用 不同的时令会出不同时节的菜品

根据菜品不同替换店内可更换物料 给食客带来连贯性的统一感

Different seasons are used in different times.Replace the replaceable material in the store to bring a consistent sense of consistency to the diner




We combine the lobster season with the arrival of the new year's Eve

Combine this interesting idea Prawn crayfish

JASON更注重的是体验感官 让看似简单美好与平凡食材相连